A Debt of Honor

The Job

Aunt Nonnie’s Inn sits comfortably on the edge of Harken Village where it eagerly welcomes new travelers into it’s warm bosom from the cold. While Nonnie Farwhere’s clientelle normally consists of halflings, humans and dwarves, she’s seen her share of unique faces in recent months. The Harkenwold recently has been bristling with all sorts of nefarious beings. Warring Kobold tribes, Goblin raids on caravans and now even reports of strange cultists have drawn adventure seekers from the larger neighboring townships.

While all parties involved ended up in this place under very unique circumstances, tonight you all share a common goal: looking for work.

Aurora and Magnus have lived off the hospitality of Aunt Nonnie since being rescued from the storm. But Magnus has healed and the two are about to outstay their welcome. They’ve never needed the currency of man, having lived so long in nature. If they are to continue living among people, they’ll need means to pay their way.

Aylwyn and Threefeet were forced to hand the last of their money to a baron traveling along the King’s road into Fallcrest (a town the two had just fled from). Threefeet was caught flirting with the baron’s daughter and a bribe was required to appease all parties over the misunderstanding.

Krayt and Baharel have plenty of money, the problem is nobody in the six villages will take it. Dragonborn are uncommon here and trust is not easily earned. Baharel is convinced that taking on a few jobs, and performing well will go a long way to improving their poor reputation.

The quiet still of Aunt Nonnie’s common room was disturbed at approximately nine thirty in the evening…

With a loud clomp of steel against rotting wood, the front door swung open and slammed so hard against the wall with such force that it rattled the entire inn. Binwin Bronzebottom pushed his horned helm to the back of his head and wiped the sweat matted red hair from his brow.

“Nonnie, three ales! And something for my friends.” He walked towards the bar and upon finding a patron in his favorite seat, proceeded to kick it out from under him sending him hurling towards the floor. Without so much as a glance at his victim, the dwarf climbed up and leaned on to the counter.

“Ahl not go back up ta that mine. We’ve lost two sets of horses already and ahl never risk Brandymane. He’s too fine ah pony.”

Omin Dran dropped his pack at the threshold. “We’re going back, Binwin. We already spent too much on the deed for that mine. If we don’t clear it out, the whole thing will be a loss.”

“You go down then. Ahl stay and watch the horses.” Binwin insisted between chokes of his second ale.

“We’re all going down. We can hire someone to watch the horses…if it makes you feel better.”

Binwin snorted, sending foam sputtering onto the bar. “Ye’ll approve that expense?!”

“If it ensures you’ll be able to do your job in that mine tomorrow, without being distracted, it’ll be worth the price.”

Binwin let out a sharp laugh, threw back his third ale in one gulp and slammed his flagon hard onto the bar. “Agreed!”



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