A Debt of Honor

The Heirloom

The last couple of days have not been the easiest. Word spread quickly through Harken about the events at the Greenlode mine. People gather around the stables at night to see Brandymane transform from what appears to be a normal pony during the day into a half-demon steed in the blanket of night. The horse has been acting odd since returning to Harken. Sleeping during the day and braying and kicking during the evening hours.

“I can’t even ride him now. He’s CURSED! I should just kill him and put him out of his misery.” Binwin threatens every night, but every morning the pony seems fine and gives Binwin new hope that maybe this “illness” is only temporary.

Most of you are eager to move on, but your debt to the dwarf has kept you in Harken, awaiting a chance to repay him or some indication that Brandymane’s condition might improve. Then, early saturday morning comes a welcome break in the tension looming over your heads.

You are all awakened to the hurried noise of Binwin, Omin and Jim gathering their gear and packing their horses just outside the Inn. Frantic footfalls and Omin’s commanding voice barking out orders both to his companions and the Inn staff send you all inquisitively down into the common room.

“We have to go. We’ve been summoned to Fallcrest by one of our previous employers. You mangy lot aren’t the only ones with debts and you don’t keep Teldorthan Ironhews waiting.”

Aylwyn and Threefeet shoot each other knowing glances. The name is quite familiar to them both. Teldorthan Ironhews is Fallcrest’s weaponsmith and armorer but it is well known in certain circles that he was also a man of ill repute and ran a lot of Fallcrest’s organized crime.

“We’ll be back in three days, but while I’m gone I have a task for ye.” He looks over his shoulder, waiting for Omin to leave the Inn to inspect the small caravan of horses outside. Once clear of earshot, Binwin continues.

“While we were down in that god forsaken mine, I lost something important. And I want you to get it back for me. See, we entered this one room that SEEMED empty. But I managed to step where I shouldn’t have and set off a trap. The doors slammed shut behind us and the room started to fill with dirt and silt, threatening to bury us alive.”

“Jim managed to spot an open slot up on the wall with gears inside of it. The bastard grabbed my throwing hammer from my belt and jammed it into the slot. A gear crunched down on it and the trap stopped.”

“Now, Jim was able to disable the trap and get us out of there, but muh hammer was still stuck in the works. I tried to get it out with all my strength but the damned thing wouldn’t budge. Omin made me leave it behind. That hammer belonged to my mother, it’s an heirloom. And I want it back.”

“Now look. An easier task I cannoh give yah. We’ve cleared the mine of goblins and disabled all the traps. Alll ye have to do is figure a way to free my hammer. Yeh have THREE DAYS. Do yah think you can manage?”


hehe – sounds like a simple enough job – what could possibly go wrong? :)

The Heirloom

So that was what was on his mind at the time!

The Heirloom

I’m pretty sure Binwin is trying to kill us all. Cannot give us an easier task my butt.

The Heirloom

Interesting adventure and encounter. I am creating a series of class guides to create OP characters which will stump your GM. Look for them to come out next month and beware of Binwin in the mean time.

The Heirloom

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